Avispa Technology Warehouse Manager in Von Ormy, Texas

Warehouse Manager 8210720

The Warehouse Manager directs Warehouse Supervisors, Storekeepers and materials support personnel and is responsible for the warehousing activities within the division. He/she is responsible for the functioning of the warehouse(s) according to internal materials management standards, with a strong focus on housekeeping, safety and operational efficiency. He/she is responsible for ensuring inventory transactions are accurately recorded in the warehouse management system in a timely manner. The Warehouse Manager will coordinate periodic physical count program and develop cycle counting programs for each warehouse he/she is responsible for. He/she will develop and implement strategies for improving efficiency in warehousing and materials management activities.

Key functions:

• Lead, direct, train and manage a warehousing team, including third party personnel, as applicable. • Support in the recruiting, hiring and appraising of Warehouse Supervisors, Storekeepers and other materials support personnel. • Interact with internal customers to implement optimal inventory levels to balance high customer service levels, versus the inventory cost to the company. • Interact with VMI suppliers to define and set supplier performance goals and drive supplier improvement. • Actively participate in the demand forecasting process for local inventory using recognized statistical and other industry standard techniques to define order decision rules for each stock keeping unit, on a periodic basis. • Establish inventory stocking plans for his/her sites, integrating local conditions, historical usage and sales/manufacturing activity forecasting. • Locally apply procedures to minimize the unnecessary buildup of excess and slow moving inventory items and activity promote inventory redistribution initiatives when excess or slow moving inventory build occurs. • Proactively reduce slow moving and obsolescent inventory. • Apply company standard and industry best practice warehousing procedures for goods reception, storage, picking, issuance and returns to continuously improve warehouse transaction accuracy and efficiency and to reduce cost. • Drives lean continuous improvement efforts in warehousing. • Ensure compliance with established procedures and Company Standards to maintain effective control over the physical product flow and storage for the warehouse and other inventory areas. He/she is responsible for ensuring high levels of housekeeping are maintained. • Implement required documentation and labelling per Company Standards and local requirements. • Ensure timely input to warehouse management system and ensure accurate stock transaction records. • Coordinate periodic physical counting program to satisfy Sarbanes Oxley and internal control requirements. • Develop warehouse specific cycle counting programs and conduct counts per program. • Prepare and provide monthly inventory reports highlighting changes in site and item inventory status and actively seek clarification and justification from local management. • Develop, implement and track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to warehousing and materials management in line with company and local management goals. Set up and implement action plans to drive improvement versus the agreed KPIs. • Communicates with the business segment(s) supported, logistics and finance on warehouse activities, projects and KPIs. • Implement, as applicable, advanced materials techniques (eg. kitting, Kanban etc) to improve local material management efficiency. • Develop and implement best practices, policies, procedures and lean initiatives in regard to local warehousing and materials management initiatives.


• At least two years of experience in managing warehouse operations and warehousing support personnel. • Bachelors degree in a supply chain functional domain, or equivalent domain with at least five years of inventory management experience within the oilfield, or similar MRO industry sector. • Master’s degree in related fields of Supply Chain, Materials Management, and Industrial Engineering is preferred. • Analytical skills and familiar in the use of enterprise resource planning/warehouse management system applications and reporting tools. • Experience in implementing systems to drive inventory reduction, concurrently increasing customer service levels. • An ability to effectively communicate at multiple levels of the organization. • Has an understanding of the financial impact of inventory transactions to Company financial statements. • Able to lead by example in rigorously applying company standards and procedures. • Commitment to continuous improvement and comfortable performing in an evolving work environment.

$30 per Hour Von Ormy TX 78073​​​​​​​ 9 Month Assignment